Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is “Wish-Working?" It’s a little like woodworking, in that you take some raw material, in this case, a wish, and craft it into something beautiful and useful and real. But it’s also a bit like networking, because of the shared community that is emerging around these common hopes and dreams that spring from the universal well of the human spirit.
  2. Why “Say What You Need to Say” was picked as the Wishes4Life theme song? We were inspired by the lyrics and the message of this song written and performed by John Mayer.
  3. What are the “Featured Wishes?” Wishes the community and Wishes4Life selects based on the value to the community.
  4. What are “Popular Wishes?” Most frequent wish tags used by the community.
  5. What is a “Wish Stream?” Stream of public wishes you can explore, interact, share and discover.
  6. What is the “Like” feature? Informs the wish owner you have viewed and liked their wish.
  7. What is a “Wish Comment? Comments allow the community to provide feedback to the wish writer. Ask a question, provide guidance, share the story and help fellow members realize their wish. All comments are moderated by the wish owner prior to publication.
  8. How does “Me-Too work?” Me-Too works in two different ways. When applied to current unfulfilled wishes, it provides the ability to make someone else’s current wish your own. If applied to a wish that has been realized (fulfilled), it allows you to connect your own similarly realized dream to the original one and share collective insights.
  9. What is private sharing? Exclusive sharing feature that allots your wish to people/groups of your choosing. The Private Sharing Portal provides a quiet (distraction free) place to connect with those who matter most about the topics we value most - our wishes and dreams.
  10. What happens when “I flag a wish?” Flagging wishes helps identify wishes that are 1) Noteworthy, positive examples of wishes. 2) Inappropriate 3) Spam See Terms of Use THE “ABCS” of CONDUCT
  11. Who can express a wish? Anyone who registers with Wishes4Life
  12. How do I express a wish? Follow the steps below or watch the "Video tour."
    1. New or Realized wish? New wish is a wish you have for the future and realized is a wish you have realized in the past.
    2. Wish title? A short sentence under 100 characters that would come after “I wish…”
    3. Who is the wish for? A wish can be for: 1) self 2) others 3) social
    4. What is wish privacy? Wishes can be made private or public by the wish owner and can be changed at any time. A public wish appears in the public wishstream available to everyone. Private wishes are only made visible to the wish owner.
    5. What is a wish category? Categories help members discover and realize wishes by providing a grouping of similar wishes. If you don’t see the category you like, feel free to create your own.
    6. What is a wish tag? Tags helps people discover and realize wishes by providing relevant context and grouping to describe your wish. For example our most popular wishes are based on the tags you enter. We provide suggestions or you can type your own tags separated by space.
    7. Wish to realize by? The estimated date as to when you need or like to realize the wish by. You can update this date at any time.
    8. Wish realized on? Estimated date as to when your wish was realized, a date in the past when you are sharing a realized wish.
    9. Estimated Value? Estimated value you place on this wish, you have a option for priceless
    10. Wish image? Express your image of the wish, you can pick from some of our examples or upload your own.
    11. What is wish insight? Your opportunity to reflect and share what the realization of your dream meant to you. Who and/or what inspired you to start and helped you to realize your wish? To give a thanks and recognition to those who helped fulfill your wish.
  13. What if I can’t think of a wish to express? Browse through featured wishes, popular wishes and wish streams or type an idea in the search box for inspiration. Then click on “Me-Too” and make it yours. It can be a new wish for you or a wish that you have realized in the past and want to share the insight that came from it.
  14. Settings
    1. How can I update my account setting? After you login click on “settings” to update your account information.
    2. What is a user name? Its your nickname on wishes4life
    3. I lost my username. What should I do? No problem, just log in with you email address.
    4. I lost my password. What should I do? Click on “Forgot your password?” and enter your account username or email address. We’ll email you instruction on how to reset your account password.
    5. Can I have more than one account? Yes but each must have a unique email address and username.

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